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Personal information


Partner information

Fill out this section if this is a joint application with two interested parties.

Previous employment

Please give details of your work related experience to date. Include both full-time and part-time employment and include periods of self-employment. Please start with your current job first.

Businesses that you have a financial interest

Please list all businesses in which you have financial interests.

Financial ability

Owning a Lone Star franchise is a rewarding experience, you’ll be part of a supportive, national team of business professionals. We need to know that you have the current financial position that will enable you to be successful with your new Lone Star franchise.

Please confirm that you are in a position to provide at least 50% of the required cost of purchasing a franchise. A new Lone Star franchise can range between $750,000 and $1,400,000 excluding GST. NB The cost will be determined by the site and model.

Legal information

Have you any criminal convictions or impending prosecution(s)?
Have you ever had a court judgement against you?
Please tick to confirm there are no restrictions on your residency or freedom to take up employment in the country for which you are applying for a franchise?

Health & wellbeing

Over the last 12 months I/our health has been good, and we do not have any long-term illness, psychological or emotional health issue, general health problems or disability that limits our daily activities or work.
If no, please provide further information
Are any partners a smoker/vaper?

Ethos & personal statement

Are you prepared to follow the Lone Star Franchise System?
Are you prepared to strive to achieve your business goals by fostering a strong staff culture?
How did you hear about this opportunity?
If other, please specify.
What are your hobbies and pastimes outside of work?
Why you are interested in a Lone Star Cafe & Bar Franchise?

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