Lone Star application process

It’s important that Lone Star operators are up for the challenge.

So, if you decide along the way that Lone Star’s not for you, you can withdraw your application without penalty. If we decide you’re not the right fit, we’ll let you know we’re not going to take the process further.

Nine steps to join the Lone Star family

You complete the application form

You sign a confidentiality agreement / NDA.

You have an informal chat with senior management or the company director where we get to know each other.

Our Operations Manager does a competency assessment with you.

We carry out a reference check.

Our CFO carries out a financial assessment.

You do some psychometric testing and risk profiling, so we know how you like to communicate and work.

You have a formal meeting with our Board of Directors.

You do an in-store trial (up to four weeks).

What does it take for Lone Star success?

You’ll thrive if you have what it takes.

You enjoy unpretentious fun and the bustling atmosphere of Lone Star.

You love people and hosting guests.

You’re seeking a hands-on business opportunity.

You’re a hard worker with a proven track record in business leadership.

You’ve successfully managed business finances.

You’re results-orientated and proactive.

We give you extensive training before you take over running your Lone Star, and offer ongoing development courses, so you’re set up for success. You can always rely on full support from Lone Star HQ.

Know you’ve got what it takes to be a Lone Star legend?