Record Setting Monster of a Hospitality Business

Does the thought of doing $75k in sales in a day seem impossible for a hospitality business? Think again, because it's not only possible, it's happened recently at the Lone Star Cafe in Dunedin. This cafe has the record for a day's sales amongst the Lone Star franchise.

Lone Star Dunedin was specifically designed and built to cater to large groups, with three function areas, two bars, and two kitchens, making this a premises with large seating capacity but functional enough to turn over tables at a pace other cafe owners could only dream of.

No expense was spared in the fit-out of this magnificent premises and it's strategically located between the CBD and Forsyth Stadium which all add to it being a premier destination within the Dunedin hospitality scene.

Due to other opportunities that require the vendors to leave Dunedin, they've reluctantly decided it's best to sell this beast of a business. Have you got what it takes to ride this bucking bronco and reap the benefits of being dedicated to the biggest Lone Star in the country?